1995 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT

SOLD: This One Got Away!

4x4, Run's & Drives!

What do you expect in a 4x4 truck for $2,850. It's warrantied to the end of my driveway. Why sure is was inspected by a mechanic saw it... and says that it an old Dodge that seems to runs. Does it leak? Im sure it leaks a little of everything but there arn't any puddles on the ground. Does it smoke? Less then a diesel. How are the tires? Excellent probably worth as much as the truck. Radio, heat and AC work? I don't know... heat seems to work. Radio makes noise. No idea on the AC. Im asking $2,850. Im not detailing it, Im not fixing anything on it and I ant promising nothing but an old farm truck.

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Gordon French

*** SOLD ***

Engine: 5.9L V8
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 242,362
Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Grey
VIN: 3B7HF13Z4SM153708
Stock: 2033

Gearhead Auto Sales
27873 US Hwy 50
La Junta, CO 81050